jbentzphotography.com: About Me

I am a retired teacher who has always had a passion for photography. As a child, I spent hours in my uncle's darkroom, mesmerized by the smell of the chemicals and the "magic" of watching the pictures come to life in those trays. Now, even though I no longer shoot with film, the magic is still there. Everywhere I look, I am framing things up in my mind and imagining what would make the best shot. I am obsessed with color and light!

I am mainly a lifestyle photographer. I love to capture candid shots of people doing what they do - shots that reveal their true interests and personalities. Even in a scheduled portrait session, most of the shots will end up looking relaxed and natural, rather than "posed." I love natural environments and cool buildings, and I prefer to do most of my work "on location."

I work mainly with high school seniors, children, families, engagement, and save-the-date sessions. I also love to photograph animals, landscapes, and nature. The sessions are relaxed and fun, and can even get a little crazy on occasion! In addition to providing a set of very traditional shots for a client, I always use my artsy side to create some not-so-traditional shots too, playing with color, grungy and urban effects, film effects, etc. I get just as excited about the digital design aspect as I do about the photography itself! I offer collages, templates, storyboards, and photo books, and I make photo greeting cards and invitations for all occasions, including wedding invitations. I also offer some products that not all photographers offer. I would love for you to make an appointment to see what all is available.

Even though my college degree is in English Education, I have taken several photography courses. I have also attended photography conventions and conferences, the most recent being SYNC 2013 (Senior + Youth National Conference), which focused on techniques for photographing high school seniors and children. In addition, I subscribe to several online photography forums. I love to keep up with the latest, not only in photographing, but also in presentation and marketing.

Captured moments in time make your memories last forever. Let me help you capture yours and share the MAGIC!