jbentzphotography.com: Investment


When you order from j bentz photography, you are investing in art. There is a big difference between inexpensive prints from your local one-hour photo place, where the quality is often inconsistent, and the exceptional prints, books, invitations, and other products from the professional photo labs that I use. These labs guarantee the quality of their products, so you will never be getting any less than the very finest.

There are two parts to your investment - the Artistic Fee and the Product Fee.
The Artistic Fee includes a pre-shoot consultation (where you sign a release, view available products, set a date for your photo shoot, choose a session, and make a down payment on the artistic fee), the photo session itself (at which you pay the balance of your artistic fee), and all photo editing, digital artistry and creativity of the photographer. Also, part of the Artistic Fee is applied to your order.

The Product Fee includes the custom collections and/or a la carte items that you order. There is a minimum product order of $189. Collections are the best deal, because the cost is reduced from what you would pay if you ordered the same things a la carte. If you want a certain collection but there are some other things you want too, you get 10% off all add-on items when you purchase a collection.

When the edited pictures are ready for you to see, there will be an ordering session where you will view all of your pictures and receive a copyrighted flashdrive with watermarked copies of all your prints. You are NOT allowed to print from this flashdrive, and I do not sell the copyright to my clients. (In other words, you can’t buy a copy of the flashdrive without the watermarks.) You then have three weeks to show your pictures to everyone and decide what you want to order. You will pay 50% of the total order when the order is placed; the balance, plus tax and shipping, is due upon delivery of your order.


Session length/ # of © proofs/ Price/ Amount applied to order
1/2 hour/ 25+/ 80.00/ 15.00
1 hour / 40+/ 150.00/ 25.00
1 1/2 hours/ 60+/ 200.00/ 35.00
2 hours/ 75+/ 250.00/ 50.00

Thirty minutes allows for 1 location and a couple of outfits. An hour allows for a couple of locations and 3 or 4 outfits. Ninety minutes allows for 2 or maybe 3 locations and 5 or 6 outfits. You get the idea. The more outfits and locations, the longer the session you will need. You are also welcome to bring pets or your own props, such as sports equipment, guitar, or other items you want in some of your photos.


Custom collection fees are listed below. Please contact me to find out what each collection contains or to find out prices for a la carte or add-on items.

Custom Collections - SENIORS Price/ Actual Value

Essential 189.00/ 219.00

Celebration 299.00/ 356.00

Lookin’ Good 449.00/ 553.00

Build-Your-Own 529.00 / 650.00-675.00

Custom Collections – FAMILY/CHILDREN

Essential 189.00/ 219.00

Family Ties 299.00/ 356.00

Family Pride 449.00/ 553.00

Build-Your-Own 529.00/ 650.00-675.00

There are also many, many, many a la carte items available. You can order completely off the a la carte list, but the minimum order is still $189. If you purchase a collection and want some additional items, you will receive 10% off everything you order from the a la carte list.

After you place an order, you will also receive a special complimentary phone app which will allow you to show off some of your pictures to friends and relatives.